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Number porting allows you to move your phone number from one supplier to another.

Transfer of your existing geographic and non-geographic telephone numbers to Numbertel and benefit from lower call and service charges, free inclusive minutes, powerful call handling features and excellent customer support.

We provide number portability from BT and most VoIP providers. Our simple porting process is completely free and designed to provide an excellent customer experience with zero downtime during the process.

The Porting Process:

The porting process is easy and very straightforward with Numbertel handling the entire process on your behalf.

You will receive confirmation of your request and a live date for completion. The whole process typically takes 10 – 14 working days however our team of experts will be on hand to guide you through the migration process every step of the way.

Once the port is completed, you simply pay a monthly service charge plus any additional service you wish to add from us.

To enquire about porting your existing numbers(s), please complete the form below and we will handle everything on your behalf.

Numbertel can port numbers from:
ticksub  BT
ticksub  KCOM
ticksub  Gamma
ticksub  Talk Talk Business
ticksub  Sky
ticksub  C&W
ticksub Magrathea
ticksub Simwood
ticksub Vodafone
ticksub Virgin
ticksub Verizon

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