Memorable Numbers

Memorable numbers are sometimes referred to as ‘Gold’ or ‘Cherished’ numbers and are all about strong brand recognition and impact on your target audience.

Taxis, Takeaway, Estate Agents, Insurance companies and many other types of businesses all use memorable telephone numbers to help stand out from their competitors and make it easy for repeat customers to remember their phone number.

Here at Numbertel, we specialise in supplying memorable numbers and on this website you can search some of the most desirable numbers available anywhere in the UK.

How do they work?

When customers dial the memorable number we have provided, all calls are instantly connected to the landline or mobile you have supplied. No additional line is required and you will continue to receive calls on your existing numbers as normal.

Here are some examples of memorable numbers we have in stock:


01354 777 777

01508 444 444

01593 888 777

01732 80 80 80

01775 88 77 66


0800 680 0000

0345 86 86 866


07*71 31 31 31

0787* 888 888

How much do they cost?
Numbers have a one off connection charge + calls and a low monthly service charge. Mobile number have one of cost and transferred to your existing contract.

We stock a huge range of memorable numbers including Alpha Dial, Single, Double & Triple Digit Numbers. Call our friendly staff on 0800 808 9777 to check availability in your area.

Looking for a specific number?

We are unable to list every number we have available, so if you still cannot find the number you are looking for via our local number search faculty call us on 0800 808 9777 or email for a list of memorable numbers available in your area.

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