Hunt Group Pro

Control the way calls are routed to ensure you never miss a call.

  • Increase your call answer rates
  • Each destination can ring in a pre-defined order
  • Combine with time of day routing to ensure complete coverage
  • Cost: £5 per month

Configure your number up to 10 different destinations.  This can be a combination of landlines, mobiles and international destinations.

Should a caller dial a telephone number that is busy or is not answered after a certain number of rings, their incoming call automatically forwards to the next number listed in the routing series. The call will continue to transfer until it is answered, diverted to voicemail or transferred to an answering service. You decide how you want your calls to be routed when your first destination is busy or unanswered.

Hunt group routing can be extremely effective as it means should the number the caller has dialed is busy, they will never hear a busy tone and their call will instead be routed to other numbers until answered.

This service can be incredibly useful when you are unable to answer calls whilst traveling, out of the office, in meetings or within a sales environment.

The Hunt Group Service can be used with 01 and 02 Local, 0800 Freephone, 0845 Business and 03 UK Wide numbers. You can also add it to your existing business telephone number by completing a simple porting process, call 0800 808 9777 for more details or email

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