Fax to Email

Our fax to email service that comes absolutely free with any number enables our clients to receive faxes as email attachments, rather than via a traditional fax machine.

  • Receive faxes as an email attachment
  • Print, forward or save faxes to your computer
  • No more busy signals or paper jams
  • Cost: Free

The fax to email service saves the expense of buying a fax machine and gives you to access your faxes anywhere via your smartphone, laptop or computer. You can then read, share and delete faxes in the same way as a normal email, saving you time and money.

Incoming faxes are converted into a PDF document and sent to your email address.

The Fax to Email Service can be used with 01 and 02 Local, 0800 Freephone, 0845 Business and 03 UK Wide numbers. You can also add it to your existing business telephone number by completing a simple porting process, call 0800 808 9777 for more details or email sales@numbertel.co.uk.


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Fax to Email

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