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Divert Internationally

Numbertel can divert your business telephone number anywhere in the world. This service is used by companies that operate on an international basis and want to have a presence in the UK without the hassle or costs of setting up a UK office.

You simply tell us which country you would like your incoming calls to terminate to and we will manage all connections.  As Numbertel only use Tier 1 carriers, you can be assured of the quality and resilience of our international call routing services, with full call statistics available via our secure online platform.

How does international call diversion work?

When your UK customers dial your business telephone number(s), the call is connected to your international landline or mobile. For example; If you are a company based in INDIA and you want to have a presence in the UK, Numbertel can provide a local rate 0845 number that is connected to your office in INDIA.

Therefore, if you choose one of our 0845 numbers, the cost to your customers is the same as calling a standard 01/02 number and you pay only 8p per minute to receive the incoming calls in INDIA.

This service is also available on our 01/02 local rate, 0800/0808 freephone & 0844 fixed rate numbers.

Countries and call charges:

Please see the table below for the list of countries we can provide international diverts, together with the cost per minute to receive calls. Based on an 0845 number:

Country Pence Per Min
Austria 3p
Australia 4p
Bahrain 14p
Belgium 9p
Bermuda 12p
Brazil 9p
Canada 3p
China 4p
Cyprus 4p
Demark 4p
Finland 10p
France 3p
Germany 3p
Greece 8p
Hong Kong 4p
Hungary 5p
Indonesia 16p
Iceland 5p
Republic of Ireland 3p
Israel 3p
Italy 3p
Japan 6p
Latvia 8p
Luxemberg 4p
Macau 8p
Malaysia 5p
Mexico 12p
Netherlands 3p
Norway 4p
New Zealand 4p
Peru 6p
Poland 4p
Portugal 3p
Puerto Rico 6p
Russia 10p
Singapore 6p
Slovakia 5p
South Africa 8p
Spain 3p
Sweden 4p
Switzerland 3p
Taiwan 6p
Thailand 4p
USA 3p
Venezuela 8p

Pricing and Service Charges:

Customers pay the same cost associated with your chosen number, e.g 0800 freephone, 0845 local rate & 0844 5p/min fixed rate.  You pay the pence per minute as listed above plus £10 per month international divert fee.

If your chosen country is not listed above, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for rates or call free on on 0800 808 9777 for further information. If you require these numbers terminating to mobile or overseas please call us for prices.

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