Call Greeting

Offer a professional greeting to every caller.

  • Create the right first impression
  • Welcome every caller in the same way
  • Improve the way your band is presented to callers

Get your calls off to a great start by greeting your callers with a professional welcome message. The image your business immediately portrays is important, as many consumers make split second decisions about whether they trust a company or business from their very first encounter with them. Therefore, making sure your business appears professional and efficient from the very beginning is one of the best things you can do to increase your conversion rate.

Call greeting provides callers with a recorded message when they call your business. This message can be a welcome message, or be used for marketing/information purposes and is played before the call is connected. After the call greeting has played the call continues as usual and rings until it is answered.

You can update your message at any time, completely free of charge. This means you canĀ  easily update your greeting with relevant company news and information as and when required.

The call greeting service can be added to your order when you choose 01 and 02 Local, 0800 Freephone, 0845 Business and 03 UK Wide numbers or you can add it to your existing business telephone number by completing a simple porting process. Set up is completely free.


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