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01276 Camberley local Area Numbers

Also known as Virtual, STD code or UK town numbers, these local phone numbers will give your business a local presence anywhere in the UK, without the need for a local office. All calls can be connected instantly to your current landline, Mobile or International number.

Cost of numbers:

* £10 one-off connection
* £5 per month service charge
* No long term contracts
* Customers pay a local rate to call your number
* You pay 2.5p/min to receive calls to your landline
* Divert to Mobiles 12p/min                                                      


Key Benefits:

* No local office required 
* Many local customers prefer to call a ‘local’ number
* Pick up enquiries from out of your normal area
* 100% national UK coverage 
* Advertise in multiple local areas

This is how 01276 Camberley local area numbers work:

Camberley 01276 UK phone numbers work in conjunction with your existing phone numbers, which means you can make outgoing and receive incoming calls in the normal way with no new lines or special equipment.

For example: You are a company based in London and you want to attract customers in Camberley, Numbertel will provide a local 01276 Camberley business number. When customers in Camberley dial your 01276 local area phone number, the incoming calls are instantly forwarded to your office in London.

Buy an 01276 Camberley number and give your company a local presence today!

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