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01204 Bolton Local Area Numbers

A Virtual or Geographic phone number will give your business a local presence in any UK town or city without the need for a local office or any special telephone equipment. All calls are instantly connected to your existing Landline or Mobile.

Here is a typical example:

You are a company based in London and want to attract callers from Bolton. Numbertel will supply an 01204 Geographic number so customers in Bolton can dial an 01204 local area phone number with the incoming calls forwarded to your office in London.  Virtual numbers are great for businesses who want to expand to new towns in their area or target customers from specific locations throughout the UK.

Choose a local 01204 Bolton number and start receiving calls within 1 hour.

01204 Bolton Local Area Numbers | Local Area

*£4.99 for the first 3 months, £9.99 per month thereafter.


- No local office required 
- Many local customers prefer to call a ‘local’ number
- Pick up enquiries from out of your normal area
- Excellent return on investment
- No long term contracts

Buy an 01204 number and give your company a local presence in Bolton.

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