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0843 Numbers from Numbertel

0843 Numbers

Choose a Numbertel 0843 number with zero incoming call charge when connected to your landline and no monthly charge to promote your business.

Take advantage of a low cost 0843 telephone number and advanced Call Management Services to grow your business today!

0843 Numbers


Orange Tick Pick up enquiries from out of your normal area
Orange Tick Callers pay a local rate, same as calling a STD 01/02 number
Orange Tick No Monthly Charge
Orange Tick No Call Charges to a Landline 

How do 0843 Numbers Work?

Numbertel 0843 fixed rate phone numbers work in conjunction with your existing phone numbers with no new lines or new equipment. All inbound calls from your 0843 number is instantly connected to your landline or mobile, best of all you can change the destination number as often as required - free of charge. Should you move office or home, you keep the same number.

Call Manager Services

Improve your caller's telephone experience by adding call manager features like, Call Recording, Call Whisper or Virtual Receptionist to your 0843 Numbers. Browse our full range of Call Manager Services.

24/ Control of your 0843 number: 

Should your company relocate, take your 0843 Number with you or place a temporary call divert - free of charge.  Numbertel’s web based control panel allows you to instantly forward calls on your 0843 numbers and view/download a full call data report. Details include: Routing number, date, time & duration of each call and much much more to help you monitor the effectiveness of your advertising and ROI.

How much do 0843 Numbers Cost?

* From £25 One-Off connection
* Callers pay 5p/min fixed rate at all times
* You pay zero inbound call charge to a landline & 15p/min to a Mobile


How do 0843 numbers work? 

When customers dial your 0843 number, the calls are charged to customers at 5p/min fixed rate from a UK landline. As the owner of an 0843 number, you pay nothing to receive the incoming enquiry when connected to a landline. Every call to your 0843 number is instantly forwarded to the 'target' landline or mobile.

Can my 0843 Freephone number be "diverted" to a mobile?

Yes. Your 0843 Freephone number can be ‘diverted’ to any UK Mobile for 15p per minute flat rate except 3 which is charged at 20p per min.

I am not always in my office, Can I divert my 0843 Freephone number?

Yes, You can change the destination of your 0843 Freephone number at no extra cost. When you are out of the office you can set-up an automatic ‘call divert’ based on the time of day or a temporary divert to ensure you never miss a call to your 0843 Freephone number. Please click here to view our time of day routing. 

Can my 0843 Freephone number be called from anywhere in the UK?

Yes.  Calls to 0843 Freephone numbers are non geographic and will work from anywhere in England.

Is Numbertel a reputable company?

Numbertel ltd has been providing the best rates on 0843 Freephone numbers and excellent customer services since 2009.  We are regulated by OFCOM and a member of the Federation of Small Businesses. We are also the official telecoms partners to Checkatrade. Our customers see us as a safe pair of hands for their 0843 Freephone numbers and call manager services.

How quickly will my 0843 Freephone number be connected?

Between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday your 0843 Freephone number is usually connected within one hour, outside of these times, it will be 48 hours.

Do you have any memorable 0843 Freephone phone numbers?

Yes. Numbertel is a specialist supplier of memorable telephone number. Please click here to do a search for our memorable phone numbers.

Can my 0843 Freephone number be pointed to a Skype or VOIP number?

Yes it can, you can forward your 0843 Freephone number to a Skype or VOIP number, all you will need is the underlying Skype of VOIP number and it will work exactly the same as a regular landline number.

Can I use my 0843 Freephone number as a fax to email?

Save time & money with an 0843 Fax to Email number. Every incoming Fax to your 0843 Fax-to-Email number is automatically converted to a PDF document and Emailed to your chosen Email address.  This means you are now able to receive Faxes from anywhere that you can access your Email account and then Save, Forward, Print or Delete your Faxes as you would with your Emails. Click for more details of our Fax to Email service.

Is there a contract for my 0843 Freephone number?

Numbers are connected for a minimum period of 12 months.

You can buy your 0843 numbers online through our secure payment system and enjoy a fast connection, however if you have any further questions, call our friendly staff free on: 0800 808 9777 or Send an Enquiry.


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